Saturday, October 18, 2008

Salon Ciel Show

Last night was the opening of my first show in New York. It was a group show for the staff of Salon Ciel, a monthly exhibition that showcases the work of up and coming artsits.They're great events-you can check them out here- Last year I was the event photographer for these exhibits.

Having my first show in New York is quite exciting. The other artists' work was great and the show was a success overall.

Here are the pieces that I exhibited. They are different evolutions of the body of work I call "City." I started this body of work in Taiwan when accidently double-exposing a roll of film.

When I moved into the realm of digital photography, the work evolved into a more layered collaging.

When I relocated to New York, I still used the same idea of collaging, but used the environment of New York's subways and streets as this is what I saw everyday.

This is all still a work in progress; the New York stuff is definitely not ready for a show on its own so being in a group show and getting feedback was perfect for the stage the work is in right now.